Do you remember when Dratini used to nest? Back in 2016 when the game wasn’t even a month old Dratini was a rare but insanely lucrative nest. Dragonite was the end all and this lead to San Antonio players flooding into the Legends on the Green Apartment Complex. As you can imagine this was not popular with the management of the apartment complex and we started to see signs urging Pokémon Go players not to trespass.

During that same summer similar scenes played out around the world, Dratini nests and rare spawns found via maps were attracting trespassers who wanted to add the powerful Dragonite and other rare mon to their Gym busting rosters.  If you’ve been seeing articles about lawsuits it’s important to note these lawsuits are not new, they are a class action lawsuit filed against Niantic back in 2016 because of cases of trespassing like our visits to Legends on the Green.  The main plaintiff being homeowners in a luxury Florida community where Dratini could be found in abundance at the game’s launch.

Car Crash Playing Pokemon Go at Prue Rd

If you recall the popular Magikarp hotspot, the Water Biome at the Prue Rd Gold’s Gym, cars used to circle for hours at barely 5mph gathering Magikarp to evolve their first (or sixth) Gyarados.  This was before Pinapp Berries were a thing, you really had to collect Magikarp Candy three at a time.  There weren’t even events back then that boosted candy drops – you had to grind – a lot.

In true San Antonio fashion though there were auto accidents in the Prue Rd parking lot because players had their attention on the Floppy Fish and not on the road – one car even going into a ditch as you can see in the photo above.  This left many of us in the “This is why we can’t have nice things” category and the Dratini nests were removed, the Water Biome was adjusted, and many of these lucrative farming spots quickly became less lucrative.

At the Alamo Quarry you’ll notice Gyms no longer spawn raids except the Sprint Store because that is a corporate sponsorship with Niantic. Unfortunately they haven’t removed these Gyms completely, so they now just sit idle – rather than moving them elsewhere. Having no raids at the Quarry really cuts down on the available raid spots in the area, and we especially feel that when trying to track down raids during raid bus hours.

Public parks have asked for the ability to disable spawns after the open hours of the park, many gyms located on or near hospital grounds will “close” at night and you won’t be able to battle for them, etc. The game world changes rapidly when trespassing and loitering complaints come into play. The good news is that Pokémon Mania died down after these lawsuits were filed so a lot of the trespassing concerns have passed.

What do these lawsuits mean for Pokémon players now? Obviously Pokemon continue to spawn at the Quarry, even though the gyms have been disabled from spawning raids. Should the average Pokémon Go players be concerned? The short answer is: Don’t let the Click Bait scare you. This news from the lawsuits took almost three years to reach our ears, and while Niantic is taking steps to limit trespassing and allow private dwellings to erase all Pokémon within 40 meters, that likely won’t impact the average player.

We do need to be respectful of private property, even the Quarry is a privately owned shopping center, as if enough complaints get submitted we could be looking at a reduced spawn at popular places like that – but hopefully Niantic learns from this also and increases the spawns at parks near where someone asked that Pokémon be disabled so gameplay options are still abundant.

Thus far we haven’t seen a lot of pro-active action on Niantic’s behalf to replace the raid eligible gyms nearby when they disable some due to complaints – that is one area in particular I really wish they’d get better at. Otherwise? Nothing to see here – certainly worth a chuckle and fond memories of farming dragon worms, but Pokémon Go is certainly here to stay.