For many years I’ve been a big fan of Danny Choo and his Desk Diary series of blogs. Growing up, my mother was a grade school teacher and we’d be out buying school supplies at Staples and I’d pick up the most recent copy of GamePro magazine. One of my favorite parts of these magazines was always seeing the nerdy offices of those in the gaming industry.  These offices looked like a toy store exploded, with props and figurines everywhere.

My consulting company Image Freedom is turning ten in September (yes I actually do real work too!) and I’ve always prided myself on having at least one of the nerdiest desk setups in all of San Antonio. Figured I’d rant a little bit about my desk setup and how my workspace has had to adjust to the Trainer Tol hat and the tools we’ve plugged in to make life easier on this little side job of ours.

Regal Robot Mandalorian Skull Added To The Office

I just added the massive Mandalorian Skull piece to the office from Regal Robot. Between Sideshow Collectibles, Regal Robot, Kotobukiya and Bowen Designs there are tons of good collectibles to chase but they’re always so big. I run out of shelf space, wall space, really quickly – but the Mandalorian skull was too cool to pass up.  We met the folks from Regal Robot at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and they make some really cool stuff.

Rogue One Hope Poster On My Office Wall

One of the first things Laurel and I did when she moved in was repaint the office and add this light green accent wall, it’s actually a color called “Zen” that we picked up at Home Depot.  We wanted to have a good video back drop where we could record our videos either for Patreon or for Facebook but still have a space for a guest or three to sit and join me as we’ve done with a couple of our Pokemon Go guides.

I took a lot of inspiration from Philip DeFranco, he has an outstanding video backdrop – though mine is certainly a lot busier.

Flexible LED Lighting Stands

Lighting in this space is a challenge, normally you would have lights a good deal away from the camera but with the desk being up against the wall there just isn’t space for lights to be setup behind the desk.  I read a lot of reviews on flat LED panel lights and ultimately settled on this lighting kit from Amazon that offered a few different color/warmth options.  The other key selling point was the mounting socket for lighting stands.

It took some doing but I found a bracket that is normally used for Microphones, of course the standard microphone socket and the standard lighting socket aren’t the same size but I did find an adaptor that let me attach the flat LED panel light to a flexible microphone gooseneck mount.  This worked really well because I was able to mount the flexible gooseneck mount directly to my desk with the clamp and I can point the light wherever I need it.  Tight onto me if it’s just me, or wider to cover the people on the couch if I have guests.

Casey Black Labrador in Geeky Office

The Raid Bus takes up a lot of space in our home, as you can imagine.  When the coolers aren’t in use they live in our entryway along with the plastic bins that carry snacks and prize support and our other admin gear.  Prize Support expanded to the point where we had so much on hand we added an entire cabinet in the garage to house the plushes, phone batteries, toys, building kits, and other Pokemon swag that we raffle off for the bus.

I’m a big fan of this Facebook page called “Dependable Furniture” as they sell freight returns or items that are too heavy to ship back to the manufacturer so they get abandoned.  We were able to pickup a garage cabinet system by New Age that takes up a full wall in our garage, so one of these cabinets was dedicated exclusively to the Raid Bus to keep things organized but also to keep things from getting dog or cat hair on them from our rescues lol.

So we’re getting ready for the shiny Suicune Raid Bus coming up on August 17th.  Going to be a big rush for those tickets so if you haven’t signed up for the Trainer Tol Patreon yet it would be a smart time to do so.  It’s a single bus so there will only be fifty seats available, these limited events usually sell out within a couple of hours, so don’t wait.  I’m excited to get that final shiny dog and complete the set!

See y’all out there!