Scratching Your Own Keyword Research Itch

Published in Blog Posts by Webdev
April 24, 2020

Selecting a primary keyword for your YouTube content can be the make or break moment of your upload. If you are a big name streamer like Ninja people are going to watch whatever you upload regardless of the keywords, but if you’re reading this you’re probably like me and you don’t have tens of thousands of subscribers – so how can you expose your content to the masses?

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Targeting keywords in your YouTube uploads, called SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be a great tool that allows you to access millions of users that have otherwise never heard of you. As I write this Ninja has 22.9 Million Subscribers on YouTube, and his most recent upload about controllers in Fortnite was added only 46 minutes ago but already has 57,000 views.

That’s the goal right? Maybe we’re not aiming for twenty million subscribers,