Desk Diary: The PokéSpice Must Flow

Published in Blog Posts by Trainer Tol
August 08, 2019

For many years I’ve been a big fan of Danny Choo and his Desk Diary series of blogs. Growing up, my mother was a grade school teacher and we’d be out buying school supplies at Staples and I’d pick up the most recent copy of GamePro magazine. One of my favorite parts of these magazines was always seeing the nerdy offices of those in the gaming industry.  These offices looked like a toy store exploded, with props and figurines everywhere.

My consulting company Image Freedom is turning ten in September (yes I actually do real work too!) and I’ve always prided myself on having at least one of the nerdiest desk setups in all of San Antonio. Figured I’d rant a little bit about my desk setup and how my workspace has had to adjust to the Trainer Tol hat and the tools we’ve plugged in to make life easier on this little side job of ours.

Regal Robot Mandalorian Skull Added To The Office

I just added the massive Mandalorian Skull piece to the office from Regal Robot.