Does The Trespassing Lawsuit Hurt Pokémon Go?

Published in Blog Posts by Trainer Tol
February 18, 2019

Do you remember when Dratini used to nest? Back in 2016 when the game wasn’t even a month old Dratini was a rare but insanely lucrative nest. Dragonite was the end all and this lead to San Antonio players flooding into the Legends on the Green Apartment Complex. As you can imagine this was not popular with the management of the apartment complex and we started to see signs urging Pokémon Go players not to trespass.

During that same summer similar scenes played out around the world, Dratini nests and rare spawns found via maps were attracting trespassers who wanted to add the powerful Dragonite and other rare mon to their Gym busting rosters.  If you’ve been seeing articles about lawsuits it’s important to note these lawsuits are not new, they are a class action lawsuit filed against Niantic back in 2016 because of cases of trespassing like our visits to Legends on the Green.  The main plaintiff being homeowners in a luxury Florida community where Dratini could be found in abundance at the game’s launch.