Of Mice And Raid Buses: In Response To Philip Loyd of RaidTX

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October 23, 2017

My first raid bus was on August 12th, it was a RaidTX bus and it was their first bus here in San Antonio. I was the guest of a team leader and as soon as the bus started you could tell no one was really in charge, no one was really sure what to do first, or where we should start.

I don’t deny that I stepped up, and I have been accused of “taking over” that first bus. I won’t argue that from some points of view that’s what it looked like. Some might say I stepped up to fill a need, others might say I overstepped. I felt like someone needed to call out our destinations, and so I stepped into the role of navigator – which I’ve now continued to do for over 300 Legendary raids from August to now the end of October.

That fist San Antonio bus from RaidTX left a lot to be desired,

Ryan Wilson Files Chargeback Against Charity Event Because He Didn’t Catch Enough Pokemon

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October 11, 2017

On September 8th we hosted a full day on our Charity Raid Bus for Pokemon Go – such a full day that we had to hire two charter buses to carry more than 100 players around San Antonio to catch the Legendary Bird Moltres. If we were lucky some would be “shiny”. Sadly, one of the passengers – Ryan Wilson – didn’t feel that his bus reached enough Pokemon and he filed an “item never received” chargeback via his credit card.

Our charity effort had raised $800 for an animal rescue that we work with often, much of this was raised when we raffled off a Nintendo Switch along with a handful of other prizes. Unfortunately, that $800 total dropped to $755 once Wilson filed his credit card chargeback. The ticket to the event ran $25 and when you file a chargeback via your credit card vs just opening a dispute with PayPal, PayPal issues the vendor (that’s us) a $20 fee for them to deal with that person’s financial institution.